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Our Story

 Sensitive skin deserves effective botanical skincare. The form, texture, and complexity of nature are our sources of inspiration. We believe that botanical ingredients offer an abundance of nutrients to support skin health. Plants are portals for self-care: they guide us in our embodiment of simplified and multifunctional everyday skincare rituals.


I am Amélie (she/they), Founder & Formulator of Calmar Skin. 
Like many small businesses, Calmar Skin began with a personal experience. Eczema has been part of my life since childhood. Finding natural products that don't irritate my skin and provide real results has always been a challenge for me. The sensitivity of my own skin led me to create a plant-based line of skincare products for people like me. The formulas I create are a blend of folk medicine and skincare science. My formulation process is informed by my studies in allopathic & herbal medicines, nutrition, and biotechnology. Calmar Skin allows me to share what I've learned about one of my favorite organs, skin, and my discoveries in my journey with plant magic. Join me in luxuriating in skincare rituals.