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Our Approach

SWhy do we focus on sensitive skin?

Taking care of sensitive skin can be a challenge, we know. We all struggle with similar everyday problems such as irritation, sensitivity, and stress over our skin. Many of us also deal with dryness, redness, scarring, itching, blemishes, and dullness.

According to skin science, each of these issues is a sign of a compromised skin barrier. The top layer of the skin, the epidermis, is often compared to a brick and mortar construction in which the skin cells are the bricks and the skin oils are the mortar. Water and nutrients are prevented from evaporating from the skin with this foundation. In addition, a dynamic microbiome works in partnership with the acid mantle, an acid film, to generate immune responses.

Skin that has been disrupted will have difficulties adapting to external and internal stress. Maintaining the integrity of your skin barrier is the best strategy to support the health of your skin. The primary purpose of our products is to help your skin perform this essential function.

Who is this for? Designed for people who want to know how the skin works and who seek luxurious and utilitarian skincare routines. Making skincare effortless is our goal. 

Our Process 

1Supportive skincare: We design supportive skincare that strives to work with, not against, your skin's function. We develop our products with sensitive skin in mind, which is why we are able to address unique needs overlooked by trend-driven brands. Using botanical ingredients that match the needs of sensitive skin is important to us. 

1Natural ingredients: We start each selection process by researching both traditional uses and scientific studies of the ingredients. Creating cosmetics in collaboration with a cosmetic scientist ensures visible results and safety. Each formula is handcrafted in small batches in Colorado. Through these steps, we ensure a consistently high standard of quality.

2Eco-Conscious: Our definition of clean beauty refers to our desire to reduce negative impacts on our bodies and the environment. Our products are fragrance-free and vegan. All of our botanical ingredients are organic or certified by Ecocert. We use recyclable paper to package and ship our products. The more we grow our brand, the more opportunities we will have to apply our values. 

3Community: We care about our planet and the communities around us. Our company is a member of the Floret Coalition, a collective of small businesses in the cannabis and cannabis-related space that supports equity-oriented campaigns and collectively donates monthly. 

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